January 2013

As my quest for better health and longer life picks up speed, I find myself confronted by unlikely concoctions, unappetizing substances, and gag-inducing taste experiences. At an earlier time in my life, faced with such food choices, I would have said: Not a chance of that getting past my ruby red lips. But, but, but—-I want […]

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This morning, I had my first cup of the right kind of coffee: wet-milled, shade-grown, bird-friendly, fair-trade, organic beans “grown on the eastern slopes of the Northern Andean Forest.” Birds & Beans, the seller of the beans, promise they won’t roast the beans more than three days before shipping them. I don’t know if that makes […]

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A few months ago, Ms. Immortal ordered a bottle of aloe vera juice. This was the special kind of juice that had the bad taste of the aloe vera taken out to make it so you wouldn’t want to throw up after drinking it. He Likes It I tried it. It perfectly lived up to its […]